Beta v0.40

Version 0.40 released (BETA)

A big update, the whole combat was redesigned and finished. Similarly all military technologies were adjusted and finished, tons of new techs were added as well. So, with this update, the most confusing parts of the game (combat and technologies) should be much more clear and work as described.

– [feature] New ship abilities, all existing ship abilities work.
– [feature] Ship components (as technologies).
– [feature] Accuracy and critical hits mechanics.
– [feature] Officer skills add to each stack separately (accuracy and critical hit chance based on officer’s skill, luck and bonuses).
– [feature] Tractor beam and maneuvering mechanics.
– [feature] Fighters and Heavy fighters implemented.
– [feature] Different types of ship weapons (Laser, Ion, Plasma), some of those have bonuses vs specific targets.
– [feature] Hull structure types.
– [feature] More alien hulls and more diverse hulls.
– [feature] More starting hulls for the Empire.
– [feature] Rare resources redesigned and finished.
– [feature] Almost finished all technologies, all existing technologies work as intended.
– [feature] Many more technologies.
– [feature] Late start scenarios (like Rebellion) start with some technologies researched.
– [feature] New scenario “#3 Decline of the Empire” (unfinished).
– [feature] Improved galaxy generator.

– [removed] Removed fleet modernization mechanic, fleet specialization (bonus vs alien race) and fleet summary tabs
– [removed] Removed crystals rare resource.

– [balance] Science level bonuses adjusted.
– [balance] Budget bonus to research points generation increased.
– [balance] Fleet budget effect changed (accuracy and maneuverability).
– [balance] Aliens improve their technologies each era.

– [interface] Improved combat logs, tooltips greatly improved.
– [interface] Combat summery page redesigned.
– [interface] Beautification of shipyard page.
– [interface] Beautified planet list.
– [interface] Changed planet rare resource display and map rare resource display (bigger on low zoom).
– [interface] Support for female portraits added (graphics was not finished for this version yet).
– [interface] Intelligence screen lists alien ship designs (Military tab).
– [interface] Option to disable fps counter (options).

– [fix] Fixed all known battle related bugs.


Beta v0.34.1

Version 0.34.1 released (BETA)

A quick version mostly containing important fixes also some interface improvements.

– [feature] Major races will like Empire more as long as you have fewer planets (bonus to relations).

– [interface] Rename fleet option finished.
– [interface] Option to change fleet’s color (on Rename fleet screen).
– [interface] Improved intelligence screen (number of planets, tooltips, separate military, etc).

– [fix] Battle “zero damage” bug fixed.
– [fix] Fixed not working SHIFT key on Shipyard screen.


Beta v0.34

Version 0.34 released (BETA)

Redesigned combat mechanic to make it more intuitive. Court movement rules simplified and adjusted to encourage moving incompetent courtiers to lower rank positions instead of firing them. Also a big spellchecking.

– [feature] Hulls changed, now those have a single type of gun with min-max damage and armor + shields that ignore X damage. Also some special abilities changed.
– [feature] Fighters added, those try to bomb enemy ships while suffering PD fire.
– [feature] Rifts are now sealed only after unlocking such ability via Threat From Another Dimension storyline.
– [feature] Fleets have names and a Rename fleet option (for now only selection of predefined names).

– [balance] The Hive will not spawn new units if they lost a planet orbit. Adjusted The Hive attacks power (max distance).
– [balance] Court movement costs simplified (all moves cost 1 point regardless of rank) and the cost of banishing a courtier increased. This change make it easier to move courtiers around and harder to get rid of them. More political points (8 instead of 6).
– [balance] Guaranteed at least one courtier from each faction upon game start.
– [balance] More starting fleets and squadrons and better starting ships distribution.

– [interface] Big spellcheck, like 98% of spelling errors were fixed. Changed language to American English.
– [interface] Beautified reports (and bigger report picture).
– [interface] Changed squadron naming convention.
– [interface] Better tooltip for court unbalance (explained effect of stability), beautified court screen.
– [interface] Ownership listed in squadron’s tooltip (aliens only).
– [interface] Many improvements in battle display. Summary of ship classes at top. Additional prominent logs button after first phase. Close buttons for (logs/summary windows). Tooltips for battlelogs. Cute “get closer” effect for combat units.

– [fix] Fixed the new game blank main menu window bug.
– [fix] Many other smaller fixes.

Beta v0.33

Version 0.33 released (BETA)

In this version I was focusing on finishing numerous smaller unfinished and unpolished features. Especially interface got a lot of improvements, and traditionally tooltips are more descriptive now. In addition there is a manual in the game folder! Finally, should have made one earlier.

– [feature] Finished edicts (6th category Administration category). Also polished descriptions of existing edicts.
– [feature] New population growth formula.
– [feature] Low stability affects rebel points generation (another source of rebel points). Note that low stability can be caused by court factions unbalance and events.
– [feature] New technologies, some existing technologies changed.
– [feature] More energy sources (nuclear, geothermal, solar), unlocked by various technologies. Also level of Energy science grants bonus electricity (nuclear energy).

– [removed] Removed crew mechanic. Redundant and not that great afterall. The game is complex enough without this.

– [balance] Deserts can’t produce food anymore.
– [balance] Stormtroopers deployment mechanic adjusted to allow deployment of all stormtroopers on a single planet (no more 1/5 per planet limit). It was confusing and not really needed.

– [interface] More prominent planetary development level display (since it’s quite important).
– [interface] Quality of life renamed to life rating, also made a nice graphical indicator instead of a number (numbers are available of course in a tooltip, I would never take away a number from your eyes).
– [interface] Better display (icons) of planetary deposits (food/minerals/gas) with tooltips what these are used for.
– [interface] Merged Specialization and Subsidy tabs under Administration tab (planet).
– [interface] Hats in the court portraits only for Heads of departments :)
– [interface] Greyed out not implemented audience buttons (chancellor and guard).
– [interface] Better tooltip for population growth (explains how exactly it works, with all the factors).
– [interface] Better tooltip for corruption (governors vs court) on finance screen.
– [interface] Better tooltip for credits (includes income and corruption).
– [interface] Cleaned up battle casualties report tooltip.
– [interface] Additional descriptions of the Empire (intelligence screen) to explain better some rules.
– [interface] More icons for research effect types.

– [fix] Fixed so AI does not spawn defensive squadrons if no orbit control.

– [misc] Manual (finally!) in the game folder and on the website ( ).


Beta v0.32

Version 0.32 released (BETA)

Rebellion is here! Finally, the Also department related audience events and advanced customization (audience frequency, era length, etc) upon game start.

– [feature] Rebellion finished. Rebellion will start when rebel readiness reach 100% (you can slow it down via various audience decisions). Then they take over some planets politically, afterwards they will spawn rebel squadrons (strength based on rebel power, which again can be reduced via various audience choices) and start attacking planets loyal to the Empire. If you fail to crush the rebels in a timely manner the prestige of Empire will start to fall and eventually the Empire will collapse.
– [feature] Department related audience events. There are two pools of events, good and bad. Competence of the department affects from which pool the next event will be drawn. At the moment there are few of such events, but the nice things is most of those are semi random, so some options will differ the next time you get the same event.
– [feature] Advanced customization option upon the game start. You can adjust audiences frequency, era length, rebels strength, etc.
– [feature] Races are chosen randomly upon game start.
– [feature] Diplomatic incident/success event changed to diplomatic opportunity event and it has semi random options.
– [feature] Tutorial audience event (TIPS), optionally available (options). At the moment it’s disabled on default since it has very few tips. If you have ideas for tips, post those on the Steam group.

– [interface] Rebels details on the summary screen improved.
– [interface] Diplomacy event renamed to Ambassador (if ambassador summoned) to make it more distinctive from the diplomatic opportunity event.
– [interface] Cleanup of audience options description (more uniform).
– [interface] Numerous smaller beautifications.

Note: As with each such big balance changing update I’m not sure if I got the rebels power right. You can try to adjust it via Advanced customization setting, also you can edit data/balance.ini. Please post on our Steam group if you find rebels too strong/week or too rare/frequent.



Beta v0.31

Version 0.31 released (BETA)

An update focusing mostly on espionage. Also interface improvements and new department related audience events based on courtiers competence (partially implemented).

– [feature] Firing admirals results in a risk of loyalty drop among military personnel (the chance is based on number of admirals you fired this era). All this is explained nicely in a tooltip, as usual.
– [feature] Espionage focus on intelligence screen. Allows you prioritize whom you want to spy more often.
– [feature] Espionage effects introduced. There are 4 espionage effects (satellite network access, bribed politician, hull structure plans, virus in defensive system) and you select which one you want (not all might be available all the time) upon a successful espionage event. All effects expire at the end of era.
– [feature] Department events. Each audience 1-2 heads of departments will attend with a department related issue. There are Good and Bad events, which one you get depends on the competence of the department (you can see the chances breakdown on the Court/Department screen). Note that the actual department events are not implemented yet, so you will get just placeholders (these will be done next version).
– [feature] Crushing rebellion decreases a chance for future rebellions. Note that rebellion is not implemented yet, so this code is just a way to prepare for this (you can see all the rebellion related variables on the Empire/Summary screen).

– [balance] Fewer civilized races in a standard game, there were just too many of them at once. Instead I will try to add more special races.

– [interface] Claims explained better (tooltip)
– [interface] Intelligence screen beautified and simplified and more detailed at once! Moved some info to tooltips and gave more detailed tooltips also colours for aliens races relations.
– [interface] Beautification of alien ambassadors on audience (race name displayed, much more clear now).
– [interface] Better tooltips for rebellion points generation (who contributed how many points, previous turn generation).
– [interface] Map tooltip shows planet owner’s name and an icon of planet type. Map tooltip doesn’t show unexplored planets anymore (the owner is always displayed).
– [interface] When on intelligence screen the minimap highlights planets belonging to that race.



Beta v0.30.2

Version 0.30.2 released (BETA)

An update that brings you Luxuries and redesigned rare resources. Also numerous fixes and more descriptive tooltips that should make it all more clear.

– [feature] Rare resources redesigned and added luxury resources (affect happiness). Check Industry/Rare resources tab.
– [feature] Added a small flavour to the galaxy generator, but it’s a secret :)

– [removed] Removed education (actually renamed to simple +X% to research points per turn, much less confusing now).
– [removed] Removed redundant intelligence attack warning (since it’s already reported in Battle).

– [interface] Improved happiness tooltip to show a breakdown what affects it. Also redone the food tooltip. Now it’s much more clear what affects what.

– [fix] Fixed infrastructure budget bug
– [fix] Fixed Viceadmiral promotion bug
– [fix] Fixed happiness wrong on the first turn bug


Beta v0.30.1

Version 0.30.1 released (BETA)

A small update to finish and redesign diplomacy a bit. Now we have influence points which are used to make deals with alien races when we invite their ambassador. Also planetary screen, especially governors, improved and made more clear.

– [feature] Diplomatic influence points, which are generated per turn based on competence of Foreign Affairs Department. These points can be used to make favourable deals with aliens.
– [feature] Invite alien ambassador button, this will make the alien ambassador appear during the nearest audience and then we can make various deals.
– [feature] Governor’s competence affect industries output.
– [feature] New technology “Colonial Diplomacy” which doubles influence points gain over minor races.

– [removed] Removed diplomatic points (replaced with influence points which are per race and do not expire at the end of era).
– [removed] Removed truce button on intelligence screen (now done via audience diplomatic events).
– [removed] Truces do not expire at the end of era anymore (instead there is a chance for those to be cancelled over time, which is announced via audience event with a possible option to extend the truce, at influence cost)

– [balance] Truces are much harder to sign now since you need influence points to do so. Also signing a truce with the same race over and over again is almost impossible since influence is per race and most likely you won’t have enough.

– [interface] Governors have names displayed now :) Also a much better tooltip for governors explaining what exactly they do.
– [interface] Improved planetary economy screen (more descriptive tooltips, etc).
– [interface] Marked some technologies as not implemented yet to avoid confusion (note that most combat bonuses are not implemented yet, as stated on the combat screen)

– [fix] Small fixes


Beta v0.30

Version 0.30 released (BETA!)

It’s no longer Alpha, it’s Beta now :) So, I have decided it’s time to switch to Beta, what does it mean? Well, I will desperatelly try to avoid adding new features from now on (except the missing rebellion mechanic and transdimmensional aliens invasion) and focus on playability and balance. To tie this all up and make it a fun and playable game.

In this version I wanted to add missing features to already existing mechanics (like managing governors, approving imperial projects) and enchance audiences, diplomacy and espionage. Overall, I tried to remove the boring parts and replace them with the interesting parts.

– [feature] Imperial projects mechanic adjusted, now you accumulate imperial projects points (affected by Infrastructure budget) and when you have enough an audience even is generated. Also a list of projects on empire summary screen. Added more projects.
– [feature] Added race history (intelligence screen).
– [feature] Bribe alien media option on intelligence screen to boost relations with that race.
– [feature] Audience events to manage imperial officials (governors and officers).
– [feature] Special audience event upon the first audience of an era (allows to choice of a single specific action like cancel all truces, trigger review of governors, etc).
– [feature] Governors arrive to audience only the first audience per era. Overall less visitors arrive per audience now.
– [feature] More audience diplomatic and espionage events. Good and bad diplomatic events, the chance can be affected by some technologies (and other factors in future versions). Spys affect the chance of an espionage event.
– [feature] Truces mechanic adjusted, now these expire over time and there is na audience event announcing it. You can also get a truce via audience events (trtuce mechanic will be also adjusted and finetuned in the next version).
– [feature] Small additions (like technologies, projects, etc).

– [removed] Removed diplomats, they were redundant with Department of Foreign Affairs.
– [removed] Removed corruption stats from officers, now they have only competence and loyalty (which is more logical and intuitive), only civil servants can be corrupted.

– [balance] Planet generator adjusted (less minerals and smarter megacity planets placement). Rebalance of industries output.

– [interface] Audience beautified if lower number of visitors arrive and aliens show up as portraits for diplomacy/espionage events.
– [interface] Improved intelligence screen.


Alpha v0.29.1

Version 0.29.1 released

This version was aimed to polish all the new stuff from v0.29, tons of fixes were made as well. Introduced subsidies mechanic. Admirals can now be summoned before the Emperor (and then they can be told that they failed you :D)

– [feature] Subsidies introduced. You can use credits to subsidy a planet in one of areas (defence, economy, population, claims). Susbsidies expire at the end of era.
– [feature] Finished all electricity effects and budget effects, also altered those
– [feature] Generals replaced with Vice Admirals
– [feature] Admirals can be summoned to the audience (instead of “fire admiral” button, now you can fire the admiral via the audience mechanic). You can summon only one admiral per turn, if you summon no one an admiral that was there the furthest will attent.

– [removed] Fort removed (replaced with defensive subsidy)

– [fix] Resources properly update at the first turn
– [fix] Fixed tonnage of fleets calculations
– [fix] Fixed a bug allowing enacting an already active edict
– [fix] Several other smaller fixes

– [interface] Planet interface has military tab removed and all military info moved to planet’s overview, added subsidies tab
– [interface] Industry level renamed to development level
– [interface] Fleet screen has average competence/loyalty/corruption of officers displayed
– [interface] Exploration report shows planet graphics and statistics
– [interface] More and better tooltips in various places